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Waltraud Glaeser – facilitator, sparring partner, coach and VUCA expert.

I advise and accompany executives and companies to implement changes profitably. Technical innovations and social change trigger a growing need for development in companies – also with regard to the appropriate design and a motivating architecture of the change process. Change management is an active and methodical process: In organizational consulting and sparring for top decision makers, I follow systemic principles. In the process of achieving goals, those affected become participants. My approach is to specifically improve your self-organization, communication and participation, and thus your corporate culture as a whole.

Positive company development requires the active involvement of employees along the way. Professional organizational consulting is just as participative and discursive. As a systemic consultant, I am convinced – not least because of my practice in a wide variety of industries – that the best answers to problems and changes can often be given internally. Beyond the analysis of the situation, I see my task in the context of change management primarily in initiating and moderating the necessary change in a targeted manner. All relevant company departments are integrated for this purpose in order to achieve an optimal further development of the company together with your employees.


Waltraud Gläser – Moderatorin, Sparringspartnerin, Coach und VUCA-Expertin.

Ich berate und begleite Führungskräfte und Unternehmen, Veränderungen gewinnbringend umzusetzen. Technische Innovationen und sozialer Wandel lösen in Unternehmen einen wachsenden Entwicklungsbedarf aus – auch mit Blick auf das passende Design und eine motivierende Architektur des Veränderungsprozesses. Change Management ist ein aktiver und methodischer Vorgang: In der Organisationsberatung und beim Sparring für Top-Entscheider folge ich systemischen Prinzipien. Bei der Zielerreichung werden so aus Betroffenen Beteiligte. Mein Ansatz ist, gezielt Ihre Selbstorganisation, Kommunikation und Partizipation zu verbessern und damit insgesamt auch Ihre Unternehmenskultur.

Eine positive Firmenentwicklung setzt voraus, Mitarbeiter auf diesem Weg aktiv einzubeziehen. Ebenso partizipativ und diskursiv ist eine professionelle Organisationsberatung. Als systemische Beraterin bin ich − nicht zuletzt ob meiner Praxis in den unterschiedlichsten Branchen − davon überzeugt, dass die besten Antworten auf Probleme und Veränderungen oft intern gegeben werden können. Über die Situationsanalyse hinaus sehe ich im Rahmen des Change Management meine Aufgabe vor allem darin, den nötigen Wandel zielgerichtet anzustoßen und zu moderieren. Alle relevanten Firmenbereiche werden hierfür integriert, um gemeinsam mit Ihren Mitarbeitern eine optimale Weiterentwicklung des Unternehmens zu erreichen.

VUCA Consulting

Translate VUCA positively and derive solutions. Increase your VUCA fitness and open the space for new ways of seeing and doing! In the spirit of Albert Einstein, which we follow with our offer:
“We cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Scrabble with us for constructive perspectives, motivational approaches and practical tools to shape your future. There are no limits to creativity, because under VUCA conditions there is no longer a binding right or wrong. But suitable decisions!

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VUKA Sparring

Sparring for decision makers

Sparring for decision makers

Managers and decision-makers transform a wide variety of interests and contexts into perspectives, goals and solutions. Along with leadership responsibility, there are usually fewer and fewer options for exchanging ideas at eye level. This is exactly where sparring comes in, situationally with a view to one’s own position. With me as your experienced sparring partner, you can systematically discuss your options for action in a trusting manner and free of constraints. At the same time, you will receive clear and honest feedback from me. In addition to lateral thinking and changing perspectives, the focus of the joint reflection process is on solution strategies for personal and professional development.



Coaching promotes on the individual and group dynamic level as a process of conscious self-awareness your ability to allow new things, to strengthen resources and to use competencies in a goal-oriented way. Taking into account psychological and economic aspects, my approach uses elements from coaching, training and consulting. In addition to coaching individuals, I offer coaching for teams of employees and for middle management. To release stress and blockages, I recommend IntrovisionCoaching. Corresponding to my professional vita, I am also specialized in sales coaching, which begins as a process where the effect of pure sales training ends.




Through my accompaniment of your workshop or training, you sharpen your perception with a view to the systemic context of your concern. The facilitation is based on the concept of sustainability. The focus of the approach here is mindful management, which respects the individual with his immanent potential (rational, emotional, physical) and with his limits. The holistic dimension also takes into account spiritual intelligence. This enables communication between all actors that is as appreciative as it is profitable. Beyond improved resilience, you get a sustainable action plan that corresponds to your business reality.


People at the center of digitization and transformation

V U C A – Volatility | Uncertainty | Complexity | Ambiguity


An organization must deal with many different problems. Each requires an individual answer:

Waltraud Glaeser

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Waltraud Glaeser

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