Coaching promotes on the individual and group dynamic level as a process of conscious self-awareness your ability to allow new things, to strengthen resources and to use competencies in a goal-oriented way. Taking into account psychological and economic aspects, my approach uses elements from coaching, training and consulting. In addition to coaching individuals, I also offer coaching for teams of employees and for middle management.
Corresponding to my professional vita, I am also specialized in sales coaching, which starts as a process where the effect of pure sales training ends.

You get a look at your strategic sales concept, are accompanied to sales meetings, look at your attitude, approach and get feedback. If you are a sales manager, we will look together at your leadership concept and the effect of your leadership behavior. We look at how well you manage the activities of your sales staff, at your cooperation within the sales team and your planning of day-to-day business and together we find approaches and solutions for improvement and change.

To release stress and blockages, I use IntrovisionCoaching. IntrovisionCoaching is about solving problems that cannot be satisfactorily dealt with in the long term using either conventional coaching tools or behavioral training. Such problems are usually based on deeply ingrained patterns that trigger an „alarm“ in the client that prevents them from behaving the way they actually want to and believe is right. Thus, dysfunctional behavior occurs that is accompanied by experienced stress. Instead of solving the problem, they avoid it. This avoidance behavior causes the difficulties to get worse and worse. Reacting according to old patterns is also not helpful. With IntrovisionCoaching, clients work through this described alarm. First with the coach, then on their own with guidance from the coach until the alarm has reached zero. This effect leads to more composure and greater confidence in dealing with situations that previously stressed or even unsettled you.

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