Organizational Consulting

Through my external process support, you will learn which patterns and beliefs are at work in your organization and partially control your company as if by „invisible hand“. You will grasp interrelationships that have not been apparent to you so far. Your company benefits from observation, inquiry and understanding. Possibly these are inertial forces that make necessary improvements and changes difficult or even impossible. You get a new view on resources and solutions.

Sparring for executives

They lack neutral exchange and perspectives that facilitate lateral thinking and help open up new paths. Top decision-makers (managing directors, board members) and „C-level“ executives (CEO, COO) are paid to transform diverse interests and complex issues into good results. It is about topics like vision, strategy, foresight, leadership and management competence, sovereignty, motivation of employees and self-motivation, conflict management, achievement of goals and results, management of change, search for meaning, life-balance-work and career management.

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Individual and customized coaching enables you the process of self-reflection/self-awareness. You activate and get resources for personal goal achievement. Team coaching contributes to the optimization of strategic (e.g. team goals), structural (e.g. work processes) and cultural aspects (e.g. rules of the game) of the team. Sales coaching starts where the effect of pure sales training ends – and supports all areas of successful sales. IntrovisionCoaching is about freeing oneself from inner blockages and dissolving imperatives that were often set in place at a very early stage.


You get a clear structure for the joint development of an action plan that corresponds to your entrepreneurial reality and reflect on the consequences of future actions. My facilitation is based on the concept of Holistic Facilitation/ Genuine Contact™ according to Birgitt Williams, which places genuine, authentic contact with oneself on all four levels of consciousness (rational, emotional, physical, spiritual) at the center of the approach. This allows for dialogue among all participants. A „we talk about each other“ can become a „we talk with each other“ as an important basis for appreciative communication.

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