Wherever „the shoe pinches“ or there is „sand in the gears“ of your company:
Together we look at your challenges and problems and take them into the focus of consulting and process support.
More of what is already running well and solutions for what should run better or at all – that is the motto. In doing so, we involve all areas of your company and identify the actual bottlenecks and „bottlenecks“.

Kurt Lewin already formulated the appropriate statement for this:
„For your information, I would like to ask you some questions.“
And that’s exactly what it’s all about: inquiring, listening and understanding. You will learn which patterns and beliefs are at work in your organization, some of which control your company as if by an „invisible hand“.

You grasp interrelationships that have not been apparent to you before and that have made necessary improvements and changes difficult or even impossible up to now. You get a new view on resources and solutions and involve your employees and possibly even your customers and suppliers.
We use agile methods such as SCRUM, the organization’s compass, the iceberg model, etc. for this purpose.

You benefit from the systemic approach that first determines „What’s going on?“ as a basis for „What needs to be done?“. This is the only way we can jointly ensure that you benefit from approaches and solutions that are precisely and tailor-made to your goals and desired outcomes. Pragmatic measures that are easy to implement operationally are at the forefront, because it’s all about your success and the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Through new perspectives and room for maneuver, you get relief and through the conscious inclusion and participation of those affected, unimagined and previously unused opportunities arise. Instead of continuous crisis management, you expand the entrepreneurial skills and focused self-management in your organization. This is fun and creates motivation!

This is the fastest, most effective and motivating bottleneck analysis for your entire company! After that we can see more clearly what the next sensible step towards action is and which concept is the right one for you.
Often the „purpose“ of the organization is reviewed and sharpened again afterwards. This ensures that everyone involved is marching in the right direction and taking responsibility for joint success. This is done on the basis of clarified roles and the necessary framework conditions – both from an organizational perspective and in terms of the leadership practiced in the company.

The accompaniment provides you with continuous sparring and you learn effective tools that enable your company to develop and achieve agile transformation. Navigating in VUCA times thus becomes a familiar exercise for you and your organization!

Helping organizations to become intensely alive, to release their full potential and to focus all energies on a common, big task are the goals of the consulting approach according to the Genuine Contact™ Program by Birgitt Williams. With the Organizational Compass as a helpful tool, an organization and also a team can be grasped and steered holistically. The Organizational Compass can be used for analysis/diagnosis as well as for development and evaluation. It makes statements about how the participants assess central topics of cooperation or how they should be in the future. In this way, it serves the development of a company’s guiding principles.

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